Advertise with Us

Do you have a product or service that you are targeting to a vegan and vegetarian audience? Then check out our advertising program!

Why Advertise on is an online destination for some 19,000 + visitors per month and 50,000 + page views per month as well as countless others who interact and find the site through our numerous social media touch points. Our audience is interested in sustainability and environmental issues, green living, healthy food and nutrition, vegan and vegetarian products and services, farm animals, and films and media on these subjects.

In Depth Tracking and Notifications offers you a great tracking dashboard that allows you to get accurate data on the progress of your ads and campaigns in real time! Simply log into your online account to view real-time metrics on all of your ads. Customize your email and dashboard notifications so that you learn of any issues about your ads as they happen.

You Are in Control offers very flexible advertising placement that works for any budget without long term commitments. Place an ad for a week, a month or more and stop running the ad at any time.

Our Custom Design or Your Design

Submit your finalized ad to the Free from Harm site or have us design your ad for you. We offer a full service design shop with over 17 years of digital design and marketing experience. Quotes provided upon request.

Wide Range of Ad Formats offers a wide variety of ad formats and placement to match your specific goals based on budget, target audience and the level of visibility you are looking for. See our diagram on the following page for more details. Image formats include:

  • Horizontal Banners
Double Column Sidebar
  • Left Column Sidebar
Right Column Sidebar
  • In-Story Banners
In-Story Floating
Sidebar Square Buttons
  • Video player

Height is negotiable on most ads. We are currently not placing text ads, though exceptions can be made under certain circumstances by emailing to

Where to Place Your Ads?

Web users enter our site most often through the home page and post news pages. In addition, there are other parked pages that have high traffic volume. Let us know what you are advertising and we can help you determine the best placement for your ads to ensure maximum relevance and visibility to your specific audience.

What Are the Ad Rates?

At this time, advertising rates are negotiable and determined on CPM (cost per mille or cost per 1,000 impressions) and click throughs. We will work up a custom quote for you after evaluating the best advertising scenario for you.

Download our ad specs and formats guide.

Download our insertion order and terms and conditions form.