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Before They Were Bacon: Stepping Into a Modern Day Stockyard

We give them water. Help them drink. Carefully stroke their bellies. The stockyard gives me the opportunity to look into their eyes for longer, and their desperation and pain is palpable. It feels like hours here, kneeling in the dirt. My hands and heart tremble as I try to impart love to these beautiful beings, while inside, it is all I can do to keep from screaming. Continue reading

Millions of Babies Are Being Stolen From Their Mothers. Does It Only Matter When They Look Like Us?

“It would be funny — if it weren’t so sad — to continually witness how desperately we try to paint a happy picture of what is inherently violent and utterly unnecessary. Exploit females’ reproductive systems and breed them at our will, but look! They’re happy! Take away their babies, but look! They’re happy! Take their milk and kill them when they’re no longer “profitable,” but look! They’re happy! Continue reading

I Visited A Small, Organic Dairy Farm to See If Animals Were Treated Better

While passing a small dairy farm on Sir Francis Drake Boulevard in the Point Reyes National Seashore in early October, I made an impromptu visit to a small, family-owned, pasture-based, grass-fed dairy farm that supplies milk to Trader Joe’s. This is the true story about what I learned from the farmer and what I witnessed firsthand about the animals in his care. Continue reading

When I Look Inside the Trucks, I Look With My Heart

Each day that I wake up with the thought of bearing witness in mind, I feel that same knot in my chest anticipating how much suffering I will see during my visit to the slaughterhouse. But still I go. To at least be present at the scene of another’s pain and suffering, even when I cannot stop it, feels important; to be there sending empathy and compassion to as many individuals as I can connect with while the death trucks idle. Continue reading

One Survivor’s Story of Whole Foods Humane Hoax

They named her Mei Hua (Beautiful Flower), the sweet little hen DxE rescued from near death inside of a living hell, a Whole Foods egg supplier. Check out this moving video about the investigation and rescue of Mei Hua and the photos we obtained showing her transformation and rehabilitation. She is now living peacefully on a sanctuary in California. Continue reading

May All Creatures Be Happy and Safe

The timing of my introduction to Jesse was particularly synchronous. The song Jesse sent me, Waiting for the Birds to Strike, arrived just after co-investigator Olivier Berreville and I returned from a Granny’s Poultry turkey barn, where, contrary to company management assurances, we documented the same cruel and abusive loading of baby turkeys that we had two years prior (turkeys reach slaughter-weight at just a few months of age, still blue-eyed and peeping). We trailed the terrified turkeys to Granny’s slaughterhouse in Blumenort, Manitoba feeling absolutely helpless to stop their killing. Continue reading

Chickens as Kaporos: A Story of Witnessing and Rescue

The following is my interview with Lori Barrett about her harrowing experience witnessing and documenting chickens used as kaporos in her New York City neighborhood. In the process, she managed to rescue and rehome one lucky baby chicken named Isa. This is her true story which provides an in depth look at Kaporos from a legal and religious perspective, and from the point of view of the birds themselves. Continue reading

Revolting Videos of Turkey Breeding

Domestic turkeys have been bred to be so large, they cannot mate naturally, so hens are forcibly “inseminated” several times. Males are masturbated to get their semen. A “milker” at a turkey breeding facility in Missouri describes his job: “I have never done such hard, dirty, disgusting work in my life: 10 hours of pushing birds, grabbing birds, wrestling birds, jerking them upside down, pushing open their vents, dodging their panic-blown excrement and breathing the dust stirred up by terrified birds.” Continue reading

Dog Branding Shines Light on Bigger Picture of Animal Cruelty

The recent news story of a dog in Kentucky named Felicity, who was found tied to a post and branded with a profanity, sparked an outpouring of empathy as well as outrage and indignation for the perpetrators. The local Humane Society in Lexington has raised money from many donors in honor of her rescue, and a vet even volunteered to perform plastic surgery to “cover up” the profanity branded into her skin. HS also issued a $3500 reward to those who led them to Felicity’s abuser. Continue reading

Small Town Grocer Issues Restraining Order Against Animal Advocate

We recently learned from one of our subscribers that a local natural grocery store that also owns a yoga and holistic healing center in a small town in New Hampshire is planning a chicken slaughter demonstration on June 28th. Since then we launched a Change.org petition urging the owners to cancel the demo and thousands have signed on. Please consider adding your name to this petition before Thursday. And see the new press release with all the details which we ask you to please share widely. Continue reading

Baby Turkeys Ground Up Alive? It’s Normal Farming Practice

At hatcheries, baby turkeys are treated like unfeeling plastic toys rather than living animals who experience fear and pain. As part of standard processing, they endure excruciating mutilations without painkiller or anesthesia. Baby turkeys who are injured, sick, or deemed too small are considered waste and are ground up alive in a machine called a macerator that is like a giant woodchipper. Continue reading

15 Souls: Why the Chickens at Urban Adamah Matter

There were fifteen beautiful hens living in Berkeley, California at Urban Adamah, a Jewish community center and farm. The hens had been “giving” their eggs to the community for three years but in recent months, their egg production had begun to decline. Instead of retiring the hens, the community center condemned them to be ritually killed. Urban Adamah offered a workshop on how to butcher your own chickens. Continue reading

7 Ways Eating Meat, Dairy and Eggs Destroys Motherhood

Farmed animals care about their babies, and include some of the most devoted mothers in the animal kingdom. Yet animal farming is fundamentally built on the destruction of motherhood. Every year, billions of farmed animals are forcibly bred into existence for the sole purpose of being exploited and killed for their flesh and secretions. Female reproduction and mothering are constantly violated in order to produce meat, milk and eggs we have no biological need to consume. Continue reading

CO2 Stunning of Pigs, Called “More Humane,” Horrifies in New Footage

CO2 stunning of pigs, also referred to as Controlled Atmosphere Stunning, is often touted as the most humane method of rendering pigs unconscious before slitting their throats at the slaughterhouse. But in newly released footage obtained by animal rights group Aussie Farms, pigs consistently respond to the gas with panic, thrashing and violently jumping in an attempt to escape before collapsing in convulsions. Pigs who refuse to enter the gas chamber are abused. Continue reading

This Piglet’s Miracle Rescue Story Will Make You Cry: Must See Video

On February 20, Indraloka Animal Sanctuary in Mehoopany, Pennsylvania got a call about a piglet in need of a home. A week earlier, a humane police officer had responded to a citizen complaint about a situation of extreme animal neglect: two emaciated piglets who were being raised for “backyard meat” had been languishing for months in an uninsulated, outdoor pen during one of the harshest winters in decades. Night after night for weeks on end the two piglet brothers huddled together through sub-zero temperatures, whipping winds, and blistering blizzards. With no straw or bedding in their exposed pen, they were forced to lie in ice and freezing mud. Continue reading

Bacon: A Day in the Life

Many people have by now seen the horrifying footage from Tyson Pork that Mercy for Animals released earlier this year. And while it’s certainly the case that farms exist where pigs are not maliciously beaten, body-slammed, and burned, the truth is that virtually all pigs raised for meat are subjected to excruciating mutilations without anesthesia or pain relief. These torturous procedures are all legal and routine. Continue reading