A 10-Day Journey from Ireland to Libya Where Cows Will Face the Worst

Irish cattle live export

photo courtesy of The Age

You couldn’t dream up a worse nightmare if you tried. Imagine being fattened up as a beef cow in some filthy feed lot in Ireland for about 6 months, then crammed into containers with other cows like sardines on an ocean cargo ship. Then struggle to endure a grueling, 10-day journey where you may likely starve, dehydrate or die of some infectious disease. If you live to see your slaughterers, you’ll endure an unimaginable hell by people known to  drag animals by the limbs and likely slit your throat while fully conscious.

After a 10-year ban, why else would Ireland resume live export of cows to Libya if not for profit? Profit drives the livestock and meat industry everywhere it goes. It represents humanity at its worst: an industry that profits on the suffering of others.

According to Compassion in World Farming, cargo ships are en route to Ireland to pick up cattle that will be destined for Libyan slaughterhouses. “The Irish Government has given its full support to the resumption of the live export trade with the Agriculture Minister, Mr Coveney, describing it as ‘progress’.”

Please sign CWF’s petition to pressure the Irish government to once again ban live export. And let them know that all animal exploitation is wrong and that you oppose all forms of animal commodification and killing, even those labeled “humane.”

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