Cow Escapes Slaughterhouse, Swims Across River, Flees Police

A young steer broke out of a slaughterhouse in northern New Jersey, swam across a river, ran through city streets and was even struck by an animal control pick up truck. Fortunately he is now being taken to Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary in New York. Stories like this one prove how deeply these animals’ lives matter to them, just as much as our lives matter to us.

This truth of course defies the logic of the prevailing animal welfarist position that animals do not have an awareness of the meaning or value of their lives and therefore do not have an interest in continuing to live. Watch and share this video widely. It’s a tragic and embarrassing testament to our exploitation of farmed animals, one that can really get people thinking. What right do we have to breed, enslave and kill 10 billion animals a year against their will when clearly they have an interest in living, and in living free of abuse and exploitation?

Go directly to the source of this story and video on the MSNBC website.

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  1. Wow, this is really heartbreaking to see. People don’t think about this part of their food. I didn’t. Your website is hard to read, as in, it shows the part of meat-eating that meat-eaters don’t want to see. I’m glad it’s here though. It will be a reminder to me.

  2. Regardless of the level of recognition farmed animals may or may not have of the value of their lives they suffer. That is indisputable. Regardless of whether or not these animals can foresee a different future they suffer. Regardless of whether they understand their babies face the same torment they suffer. Animals live in the moment, and each moment these animals live they suffer.
    They suffer for no other reason than human convenience and comfort.

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