Industry Claims Torching Udders of Dairy Cows Painless, Prevents Mastitis

Just when I thought I knew all the common, standard industry practices in dairy farming, I find something even more bizarre and cruel. The sound in this video is said to be “turned off” since it is for “trade show purposes” but one wonders if the sound of the cows confined to stalls and having their udders torched would reveal how unpleasant this experience is for the animals. The claim that the cows feel no pain from having a flame in contact with their sensitive udders is “udderly” ridiculous. We share the same kind of pain receptors with cows.

The video justifies the torching of cows’ udders as follows:

“The UdderSinge uses a low temperature flame passed 2-4″ below the udder and belly that removes hair quickly and painlessly. Removing hair aids in creating a healthier cow by reducing the occurrence of mastitis in the cow’s udder.

Mastitis is a painful disease that causes painful swelling and infection in the udder and is potentially fatal for the cow. Removing udder hair decreases somatic cell counts [blood cells] in milk thus making the product safer for the consumer.”

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  1. They do not care if this is painful or not. They will do whatever it takes even if the creature might die from it as long as they can get more usage out of these poor cows.

    This person that you see doing this, she has no heart and she surely doesn’t have any morals. I wish nothing good for her.

    • I agree, elizabeth!! She looks like a well-able adult who has the ability to choose what she does for a living and she chose to mutilate and harm animals. No heart or morals what-so-ever!! We all make choices and suffer the consequences or reap the rewards of those choices – better be prepared to accept both!!

  2. I see a painful horrible procedure. I ALSO see a young woman seeking to do her job and garner her male employer’s good graces. There is no need to vent toward her. Our systems are broken. We are broken. She is broken. He is unfeeling, motivated by monetary gains, and looks as if he is loving the power he has over both her and the beautiful cows. My stomach churns at all of it. We can fix this ONLY with kindness, compassion, and gentle but solid and firm words of direction and education. We need to do our homework, gather scientific data(this is all they listen to), and stand firm without stooping to equal measures of stupidity, arrogance, blindness, and cruelty. Let our words be powerful, not petty.

  3. my god are you serious????this is animal cruelty and needs to be stopped!!!!i would love nothing more then to do this procedure on the people doing this horrible act to these innicent animals!!!!sick and sad!!!!!!!!

  4. More like The Bellowing Cow . . . cheese company! And Udder Singe??!!! Never heard of it before. They are full of BS. Did you read that one person’s comment? She wrote: Can we torch her tits too? I’m sure theres no pain! SICKENING!!!!!! I viewed a video of farm animal cruelty and it is heart breaking to say the least. Of course animals get upset when their babies are taken away. It is their natural G-d given instinct and rightfully so. One of the signs of a righteous man, the Bible says, is that he takes care of his animals (see Proverbs 12:10).

  5. Poor mother cow -her life of suffering just goes on and on -her babies are taken from her -she is kept continually pregnant- can hardly walk as her udders are so swollen and now they burn her- we- humans? have lost all our humanity how can we be so cruel and uncaring to her suffering? for her -death is a happy release -we humans have choices and a conscious -some prefer to have neither.

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