Over a Thousand Dairy Calves Left to Die from Wisconsin Heat Wave

calfWhile their mothers are likely indoors hooked up to computerized milking machines pumping their mammary gland secretions for profit, calves just days old birthed from these mothers are snatched from their mothers and penned outside in the hot summer sun, dying in record levels of heat exhaustion, dehydration and perhaps malnourishment. That was the story that hit the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel the other day.

Half of the more than two dozen herds of dairy cows struck by the heat stress deaths are in Wisconsin, though the exact number of deaths in the state has not been determined, said Raechelle Cline, a spokeswoman with the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection. The calves were between 2- and 7-days-old and had been housed in outdoor calve hutches with no shade, according to a news release from the agency.

Officials with the agency say calves younger than 10 days drink little water and that many of the dead calves were kept in hutches not properly configured for summer ventilation. Officials also believe the calves were either weakened by heat stress and died from bacterial infection or became dehydrated and died from heat stroke.

Go directly to the source of this story from the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture.

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  1. If it isn’t the heat that kills them it is the people who shoot them in the head once they are born. What has happened to people that all they see any more is profits. Profits over the lives of these innocent creatures!

    I don’t drink milk nor do I cook with it. The reason being is that 1) we don’t need milk, 2) morals play a great part in my life. If something is going to be hurt because of me, I would rather not eat it, drink it, or wear it. I can do without.

    This is just heartbreaking and it is truly evil!

  2. I really have to ask… At what point to we stop this race to the bottom in order to preserve our “right” to meat, dairy and eggs? When is it that rising up and defending these innocent victims becomes the norm and not acceptance of thousands of babies that are neglected to death? When???

  3. It’s not for need that we use animals so badly it’s for greed. And the irony is that by doing so we are destroying our planet and worse our souls. A vegan of 30 years, I long for the day when the world will no longer kill animals for food, sadly , I fear not in my lifetime.

    But for the sake of some little mouthful of flesh we deprive a soul of the sun and light, and of that proportion of life and time it had been born into the world to enjoy.
    Plutarch (c.AD 46-c.120)

  4. Thing is humans are still animals. Rather than using our brains, being disciplined, caring for ours and others’ (being them animals or not) integrity, are not among our priorities. We respond to instincts and want to satisfy our immediate carnal needs. We don’t even care about the repercussions toward our own health. And to understand that the way we manage our resources and mistreat our non-human inhabitants is wrong, will probably have to endure a large proportions cataclysm with loss of human lives and misery for us all, even those that are doing the right thing, may God bless them. Our technology evolved, unfortunately our minds and souls are deteriorating. Our humanity, wisdom, grace, love are replaced by cruelty, lust, laziness, self-complacency, lack of care and compassion.

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