Rare Footage Reveals Latest Humane Slaughter Lie: CO2 Gassing

Many of you have no doubt heard that the latest form of “putting animals to sleep” with CO2 gas is completely humane. The Animal Welfare Approved label, which, according to their website, has the most rigorous humane certification standards for farm animal welfare in the U.S., endorses use of CO2 gassing. Temple Grandin, a key spokesperson for the American Meat Institute who is heavily involved in the establishment of “humane” slaughter guidelines, praises CO2 gassing as well. But this rare footage inside of a gas chamber, which actually shows what pigs go through as they are being gassed to death, reveals just what a horrific way to die this really is. You have to see it to believe it, and to appreciate the level of deception being perpetuated here. The video appears to have been recorded inside of a testing laboratory at the University of Zurich. Although there are no English subtitles, the pig communicates the universal language of suffering. Here is further proof that humane slaughter is based on utter deception and manipulation of consumer concerns over animal welfare, designed to make people feel better about eating animals so that they will continue to support violent and exploitative animal-using industries.

Learn more about so-called humane farming practices here.

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  1. What gruesome monsters these humans are to willfully create demonic death traps to lure innocent beings in to murder them so callously and brutally. All this so their flesh can be sold for profit — carved boiled grilled and devoured by human predators. Everytime I think I have seen the worst depravity, I am heartsick and utterly disgusted to see what more the human mind can conjure. Shame on anyone who continues to deny the absolute vileness of animal exploitation. I am more committed than ever to my advocacy: Animals Rights, Vegan Outreach, Humane Education. I will continue this fight and continue to engage as many as I can until my last dying breath….

  2. I had never seen an animal gassed with CO2, I agree that this isn’t humane.

    Although, I wouldn’t consider any action in which you kill someone humane… that isn’t possible.

  3. We should be so proud of ourselves, finally they have come up with a better way to kill as they say.

    Wow oh wow we are so caring and just want to ensure that all species are given what was given to them in the first place.

    Oh that is right I must live on another planet because this earth is nothing but evil and with each and every day it shows just how much more evil we can get!

    As I have said so before, they will try anything to make those people who eat flesh feel better about what they are eating. So whatever way they can lie about it they will, and then the ones that continue to eat this flesh just look the other way!

  4. The captions translate to:

    0.00 – 0.11 Pictures in which pigs are anaesthetised with CO2 gas haven’t been shown on television before. These images are from the surgical clinic, Zurich University.

    0.22 – 0.27 The pig has learned that she receives her food and drinks in a separate, closed off area.

    0.33 – 0.41 The space is filled with CO2 gas to anaesthetise the pig.

    1.19 – 1.23 During a follow up experiment, food and drinks stand ready again.

    2.10 – 2.22 Research shows that pigs would rather go 72 hours without anything to drink than enter the CO2 room again.

    2.22 – 2.26 Experiment 2: A piglet is exposed to CO2 gas.

    3.02 – 3.11 Every year millions of pigs are anaesthetised using CO2 gas. The meat industry speaks of a humane anaesthetic method.

  5. more of this footage is needed to show the ignorant public what really happens. Well done for getting this and let’s expose the hypocrasy.

  6. Death caused by the hands of humans for profit or gain is never humane. I believe the Nazis did this to humans in mass and it was frowned upon to put it very mildly. If we are so evolved, why do so many of us not learn from our mistakes?

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