63 Billion Animals Fed a US Population of 313 Million in 2011

slaughterhouse In all, 63 billion animals died to feed the US population of 313,914,040 in 2011. Of those, 32 billion animals were slaughtered for food in the US. As a general trend for 2011, increasing exports have made up for decreases in domestic consumption.

The figure of animals slaughtered in the US comprises only a portion of those that died here, as many do not reach the slaughterhouse. The figure does not include animals slaughtered abroad and then shipped to the US, but does include animals slaughtered here for sale abroad. Nevertheless, they provide a picture of the slaughter industry in this country. Following is a breakdown of 2011 slaughter statistics per species:

  • 35,115,000 cattle
  • 8,537,060,000 chickens
  • 24,472,000 ducks
  • 110,956,800 pigs
  • 246,844,000 turkeys
  • 9.6 billion fish
  • 13 billion shellfish

Source: Animal Death Count


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  1. I have friends that say to me “You show me all the pictures/videos of animals being mistreated, but those animals are in the minority…the majority of animals are treated good and only suffer a bit of stress before slaughter.” I tell them even if it were one slaughter house that would be too many, but I need to have more to combat their comments.How would you handle this comment?



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