All about Eggs: Free from Harm’s Collection

photo by Joe Branske,

photo by Joe Branske,

One of the most misunderstood and frequently-asked about subjects on our site is eggs and the chickens that lay them. The industry behind the breeding, raising and slaughter of hens is largely hidden from consumers. The birds that lay these eggs are widely regarded as nothing more than “egg laying machines,” thanks to a concerted effort to obliterate their true identity by the industry that commodifies them for a single purpose.

As a result, the average consumer’s perception of these birds is distorted and marginalized, and void of any serious understanding of their complex nature and interests which cannot even begin to be met in a commercial farming environment. This has led to widespread acceptance of hollow marketing slogans like “cage-free,” “organic” and “free-range” as somehow addressing the welfare issues of hens when in fact they barely scratch the surface. We hope to offer a deeper understanding of the subject in our collection. Let us know what you think!


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