Top 10 Most Popular Stories of 2012 on

  1. Philip Wollen, Australian Philanthropist, Former VP of Citibank, Makes Blazing Animal Rights Speech
  2. 20 Experts on the Dairy — Breast Cancer Connection
  3. Five Reasons Why Meat-Eating Cannot Be Considered a ‘Personal Choice’
  4. Rats Not Only Show Compassion But Arguably More Than Some Humans in Unprecedented New UofC Study
  5. Should Animals Be Off the Menu? A Full Debate on the Ethics of Eating Meat 
  6. Addicted to Cheese and Ice Cream? The Opiate Qualities of Dairy
  7. Seven Reasons Why We Have NOT ‘Evolved’ to Eat Meat
  8. Study of 2,068 Vegans Helps Debunk Six of the Most Common Myths
  9. The New Documentary Short, Farm to Fridge, Presents the Problem and Solution to Factory Farming
  10. Photo Gallery: A Day Photographing in a Slaughterhouse Made Me Vegetarian, Francesco Scipioni

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