A New US Map of Ag Gag Laws and Farm Cruelty Investigations

Animal Visuals' new map of ag gag laws and farm animal cruelty investigations, state by stateMark Middleton of Animal Visuals has launched an exciting new “action map” that features the most comprehensive collection of major farm animal cruelty investigations we’ve seen as well as the ongoing status of Ag Gag laws in the various states where those laws have been passed or are pending consideration. And you’ll find links to take action on these laws where they are pending. The investigations run down the page from most current all the way back to 1998. Video is embedded and links to the source sites are provided. What a great resource for those of us who seek to build awareness about the systemic cruelty and violence that exists in animal agriculture today!

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  1. What an amazing map. Thank you to Mark Middleton for all the work involved!
    It’s certainly interesting to see what is going on in the central part of the United States, the Midwest and east coast.

  2. To me ,this disgusting- AgGag law that has been passed and implemented by -“those who do have something to hide”-is such a terrible blow to those brave hard working animal activists who have fought so hard and long to bring to the attention of the public the -sadistic -horrendous treatment that some of these poor animals have to endour before they are finally put out of their misery,the Govenor -Terry Branstad of Iowa and his co-conspirators who instigated this law of -depravity has the shameful honour?of being the first state to advocate and bring in this law of -shame ,the ‘ones that do have something to hide ‘ have their -own -agenda,I, as a caring ,compassionate animal advocate for all animals cannot understand why ?all the animal organisations didn’t fight this when it first reared it’s ugly head and got a foothold and is now spreading like a cancerous growth ,I sign petitions and write comments against cruelty to animals ,I now feel it is so futile because this -depravity to the animals is being made -law,the farms and organisations who do have this AG-GAG law should have -by law -their products -stamped -AG-GAG-law applied -so we know we do not buy their -goods -which could have come from animals that have been exposed to inhuman cruelty and an agonising -death.

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