About Robert Goodland

Robert Goodland has served as lead environmental adviser at the World Bank Group, and is the first ever winner of the World Conservation Union's Harold Jefferson Coolidge medal for lifetime achievement in the conservation of nature.

Meat, Lies, and Videotape (A Deeply Flawed TED Talk)

However, while Mr. Savory himself cautions that most livestock today are produced unsustainably, meat promoters can be seen spinning Mr. Savory’s claims as if they apply equally to factory-farmed meat. Yet it’s no new trick to promote factory farmed meat as grass-fed. A grassland producer has himself noted that most marketing of “grass-fed” beef is a hoax. Beef marketed this way commands a 200-300% price premium — so the incentive for producers to cheat is overwhelming, as evidenced in one videotape afteranother. Continue reading

Searching for Truth in the Agriculture – Climate Change Connection

So contrary to popular belief, we propose that the key to reversing climate change in the next five years — as needed — is actually the food industry. It is more exposed to climate change’s risks than any other industry. Yet food companies develop better foods as a matter of course. They control lots of land on which livestock and feed production can (and should) be reduced, and they can sell carbon credits from reforesting land. Continue reading