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Everyday Heroes: Chicago Vegan Chef Laviyah Ayanna’s Creative Cuisine Has Universal Appeal

Laviyah’s vegan smorgasborg will go down in my memory as a feast that expanded my creative culinary horizons and had truly universal appeal—to vegan, vegetarian and meat-eaters alike. In fact, most non-vegetarians who taste Laviyah’s cooking at catered events, dinner parties or served off her food truck have the same emphatic reaction: “If I could eat like this all the time, I could be vegan too!” Continue reading

Enterprising Chicago Mom Teaches Compassionate Living to Family and Community

Anne Hoffman is an Illinois-certified educator of the visual arts, art therapy and reading who is equally adept at employing her business management and non-profit skills to carry out her many extracurricular activities. Anne serves on the Keystone Foundation Board of Trustees, Glenkirk’s Community Support Committee, NCDAA’s Just Say No Committee, the Have a Heart Farm Board of Directors and the Wagner Farm Rescue Fund Board of Directors. Quite clearly she is passionate about helping people, animals and the environment, even finding time and energy outside of her busy family life to organize local community groups, such as ChicagoVeg Kids. So we wanted to to know just a bit more about what makes this remarkable woman tick. Continue reading