Edith’s First Stairs: The Chicken Who Can Climb!

I continually marvel at how chickens observe and sometimes follow what we do. On her third day with me, Edith the Cornish Rock chicken hen who was recently salvaged from a trash bag, comes to me when I gesture or call to her. But even more remarkable, Edith climbed her first flight of stairs to join me at the top, but only when I encouraged her to do so. On the other hand, when I did not call or gesture to her to climb the stairs, she remained below.

Luckily I caught this all on video which I share with you here so people don’t think I’m just hallucinating!

Once at the top of the stairs, Edith sat calmly in my lap and pulled at my buttons on my shirt and pecked at the hair on my arm. Her feathers are soft, fluffy and newly grown. She lets out little chirping sounds of contentment every so often. All of this suddenly made me aware that she is really just a baby, exploring a new world where everything, every object, is a new adventure.

I also can see how she yearns to be with others. For the first time I heard a sad call come from her in the yard where she stays temporarily on the side of the house. The vet wants to keep her separated from the other girls for a week. She immediately perks up when she sees me peer out the window at her or come out to check on her. I think she’s going to be really happy here, especially when she is allowed to be in the company of the others.

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  1. Well isnt Edith a smart little girl, and pretty too! I had no idea hens where so gentle smart and loving everytime i see hens like Edith it makes me want one sooo bad but it wouldnt be fair to the hen as i dont have the yard space to keep them so i must be content to share in others funny great stories about there hens which is fine by me because its ALL about the animals happiness NOT mine! Im happy enough seeing hens like Edith iwill gladly donate at the end of the week

  2. I’ve seen a pigeon climb steps as well and he or she was able to do it a lot quicker, that proves that pigeons are more intelligent than physically/mentally disabled people.

    • One of my other hens here hops up the stairs like a bouncing ball. She’s faster than most people. I also have a pigeon that gets into all kinds of mischief in and out of the house. He hops one stair at a time. Al wonderful companions and very wise indeed!

  3. why do people have such a hard time believing that all living, breathing creatures on this earth are very intelligent. Why is it that we feel we are the only species that has intelligence? I find this to be very strange, and a little stupid.

    Why would God (for those who believe in him) create a dumb species? does that make sense. The funny thing is we don’t try and make people seem intelligent, we seem to think they are??? I marvel at those we are the more intelligent. We are the only ones that cannot live within our environment, these creatures do!

  4. That’s amazing – what a smart girl!! She really looks great too – what a difference between the first photo you posted!! Thank you for saving Edith!!

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