Farm to Fridge: 12 Minutes to Change Your Life

As the national debate escalates over our treatment of farmed animals, Mercy For Animals, a national animal advocacy organization known for its shocking undercover investigations exposing cruelty to animals at factory farms, hatcheries and slaughterhouses, has just released Farm to Fridge – a gripping new 12-minute film exposing the horrors faced by cows, pigs, and chickens before they reach our plates. With music by experimental composer Ben Frost and a powerful narration by Academy Award-nominee James Cromwell – best known for his role as the farmer in Babe – the film takes viewers on an unforgettable, no-holds-barred journey behind the closed doors of our nation’s meat, dairy, and egg operations.

Perhaps the most compelling and graphic documentary of its kind ever produced, Farm to Fridge uses arresting images covertly recorded on hidden camera and puts into focus the harsh reality faced by farmed animals – creatures granted no federal protection from abuse during their lives on factory farms.

MFA’s undercover investigations have pulled back the curtain on industrial animal agriculture, exposing a culture of cruelty that has horrified millions of Americans. In late 2010, MFA teamed up with Emmy Award-winning host of The Price is Right and longtime animal advocate Bob Barker, to expose the hidden cost of veal – baby calves chained by their necks in narrow wooden stalls. Just months prior, MFA’s investigation at a dairy farm in Ohio – revealing farm workers stabbing cows with pitchforks and beating them with crowbars – sparked international outrage and inspired countless individuals, including Alec Baldwin, Jamie Lee Curtis and Ashton Kutcher, to publically condemn cruelty to farmed animals. And in 2009, MFA’s exposé at the world’s largest hatchery for egg-laying breed chickens – which exposed male chicks being ground up alive – led millions to view the footage on YouTube and generated thousands of media stories.

Nationwide, the treatment of farmed animals has taken center stage in recent years, with a growing number of states – including California, Michigan, Maine, Arizona, Colorado and Florida – passing legislation to ban cruel factory farming practices. The popularity of a vegan diet – one free of all animal products – continues to grow, highlighted by the popularity of such best-selling books as Veganist, Skinny Bitch, and The Conscious Cook. Just last week, Oprah dedicated an entire episode to the issue – highlighted by Oprah’s and 378 of her staff members’ decision to go vegan for one week.

“Most farmed animals know no kind touch or compassionate care, only a life filled with intensive confinement, abusive handling, painful mutilations, careless neglect, and merciless slaughter,” says Mercy For Animals’ Executive Director Nathan Runkle. “Farm to Fridge serves as a wake-up call to all American consumers that the meat, dairy and egg industries are morally bankrupt and should be boycotted.”

To view the full film, visit Broadcast quality behind-the-scenes recording footage and extras with James Cromwell are available upon request.

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