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Why Animals Can’t Sacrifice Their Lives for Us

Narratives and descriptions claiming that animals make sacrifices for us date back to our earliest recorded history and would have us believe that animals give their consent to be violently killed for a “greater good,” such as to provide us with sustenance or at the request of a higher power. However, to sacrifice oneself means to act freely, to make a conscious choice from a variety of circumstances. Continue reading

The Most Powerful Movie Trailer I’ve Seen in a Long Time

I’ve been following the work of photojournalist Jo-Anne McArthur for some time now, and we’ve featured her work in our photo galleries as well. Jo-Anne’s work is so subtle and profound at the same time, qualities that reflect in her personality as well. When I learned that filmmaker Liz Marshal just finished the final cut of her new film about McArthur called The Ghosts in Our Machine, I felt the excitement brew up inside of me. Continue reading

Videos: Ruby Roth on CNN, Counters Concerns about Her Vegan Children’s Book

“By calling my book controversial we’re actually admitting on a national level that what we do to animals is scary — too scary to even talk about. And that just tells me that people want to remain willfully ignorant and impose that ignorance on their children. And to me that’s unacceptable. And we know what happens in the world, the atrocities throughout history that happens when people become willfully ignorant. “ – Ruby Roth, author of Vegan Is Love. Continue reading

Teaching the Mentality of Meat: When Beaver Tail Becomes Haute Cuisine

In a recent Huffington Post story celebrating the preparation of beaver’s tail, we discovered just how far a major culinary training institution is willing to go to get attention through marketing and promoting wildlife animals as haute cuisine. As the anonymous HuffPost author says: “That’s right: the furry creatures are good for things beside being cute, building dams and providing pelts for retro hats. They also make for some interesting eating.” Continue reading