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With 2 Million Pounds of Unwanted Whale Meat in Freezers, Japanese Government Provides 30 Million for New Hunt

According to sources at Greenpeace, there’s more than two million pounds of dead whales, slaughtered by a fleet of whalers subsidized by the Japanese government, wasting away in Japan’s freezers. In the midst of this excess, the Japanese government has allocated … Continue reading

Commercial Fishing and the Lawless Attack on Marine Wildlife

This never-before-seen footage was shot onboard a tuna fishing vessel in the Pacific and released by Greenpeace. The crew in the video is using what are known as fish aggregating devices (FADs) to increase their catch. But as the video clearly shows, FADs attract a lot more than just tuna. Sharks, sea turtles, rays, and dolphins are all brutally murdered for the sole purpose of getting canned tuna on the grocer’s shelf. Continue reading

Non-Human and Human Animals: More Similarities Than Differences

Would it matter if we perceived other species as fundamentally like us instead of fundamentally different, recognizing clear distinctions between our capacities to modify our environment, communicate and learn through complex languages, and adapt, but without drawing lines in the sand between “us” and “them” that permit our turning other animals simply into means toward our own ends? Continue reading

The Hope That Lies at the Root of Humane Education

There are days when I feel hopeless about the future. Not my personal future, but the future of humanity, the planet and other species. But my work in humane education, which explores the interconnected issues of human rights, environmental preservation and animal protection, and provides people with the knowledge, tools and motivation to be solutionaries for a better world, is inherently hopeful. There would be no reason to devote my life to this work as a full-time volunteer at the Institute for Humane Education if there were no hope that it could make a difference. Continue reading

Gray Wolves: Ranchers Pressure Regulators to Remove First Species from Endagered Species List

Ranchers in five Western states are very happy with the government’s decision to remove gray wolves from the endangered species list because it will make it easier for them to hunt the animals, which they claim kill their livestock. This is a precedent, the first time a species has been removed, without the scientific burden of proof required by law. Instead it was “earmarked” into a larger package of laws. Continue reading