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The Incredible Edible Egg… Embryo Sack?

This is a photo of the kind of egg you don’t see at the supermarket or even hear about. Why? You’re not supposed to know about them. If you did, the industry knows how turned off you might become. Eggs like this are truly a “freak of nature,” that is, a product of man’s manipulation of nature. A far cry from the images and language of egg marketing huh? Farm fresh, pasture raised, cage free, free range, organic. Continue reading

McDonald’s, Target Dump Embattled Egg Supplier. What Factory Egg Farms Will They Turn to Now?

Officials at both companies expressed their shock and dismay over the footage recorded from its supplier, but are we really to believe that they don’t know how the factory egg farm industry operates? Critics say they know exactly how the industry operates since there are no laws protecting egg laying hens (the result of years of intensive lobbying), weak and ineffective food safety laws and, as this investigation reveals, and little or no enforcement by a paralyzed public health authority called the FDA. And they claim that their reaction was simply a knee jerk PR move that they hope will alleviate customer concerns.
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E.coli Superbug Outbreak in Germany Due to Abuse of Antibiotics in Meat Production

Of course, virtually every report you’ll read on this in the mainstream media has the facts wrong. This isn’t about cucumbers being dangerous, because e.coli does not grow on cucumbers. E.coli is an intestinal strain of bacteria that only grows inside the guts of animals (and people). Thus, the source of all this e.coli is ANIMAL, not vegetable. Continue reading

Multidrug-Resistant Bacteria Widespread in US Meat and Poultry

New research conducted by Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGRI) finds high levels of bacteria known to be resistant to multiple antibiotics in 136 samples derived from 26 US grocery stores in a 5 states. Recently Scientific American reported that about 70% or more of all antibiotics are administered to farm animals raised in intensely confined conditions on factory farms which are incubators of disease. Continue reading

Food Industry Influence Over Food Regulators ‘A Growing Problem’

The Union of Concerned Scientists recently published the results of a survey they conducted with employees of both the FDA and USDA. To evaluate how well the government uses science to protect the food supply, UCS, working with researchers at Iowa State University, sent a 44-question survey to nearly 8,000 food safety employees at the FDA and USDA, which together oversee our food system. More than 1,700 employees responded. “The results reveal a food safety system where special interests and public officials all too often inhibit the ability of government scientists and inspectors to protect the food supply,” states the report. Continue reading

Antibiotic Overuse in Animal Agriculture ‘A Major Health Threat’ According to Government Regulators

70% of all antibiotics sold in the U.S. are used on industrial farms in healthy food animals that are making us resistant to them, according to a recent article in Scientific American. Learn what the FDA is doing to address the growing problem of antibiotics and their adverse side effects in humans and in our environment. Continue reading