The Ghosts in Our Machine


Animals are hidden within the shadows of our highly mechanized world. That is the message of a new documentary project by Liz Marshall featuring the life and work of animal rights photographer Jo-Anne McArthur, a woman who has equal parts bravery and empathy for non-human animals trapped inside of a cold and mechanized world which reduces their identity down to mere commodities. Jo-Anne shoots in slaughterhouses, factory farms, mink farms and other places where the horrors of animal suffering are otherwise invisible to the human eye. Through Jo-Anne’s lens, we become intimately familiar with a small cast of non-human characters. The film shines a light on the healing bonds that develop between non-human animals and the humans working on their behalf. Liz Marshall has recently released a demo of the film while she continues production on the feature length documentary which is expected to be ready in about a year.

To learn more about the film project, see Jo-Anne’s photography site is at

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