Meat Feeds More than Our Bodies. Meat Feeds Our Egos.

One of the highlights from the almost 2-hour long Australian debate about meat eating called Should Animals Be Left Off the Menu came from an unidentified young man in the audience who made a profound statement about the pyschological motivations behind why we eat animals. Following is a transcript of his statement:
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Marketing Versus Reality: The Myth of the Organic Happy Cow

Everybody says they want to know where their food comes from these days. But we won’t get it from product marketing. What we see here on this Whole Foods 365 Organic milk carton is a happy, healthy looking cow, beautiful blue sky and puffy white clouds, an idyllic Old McDonald farm scene. But the gulf between this facade and the reality could not be greater in this case. Continue reading

Photo Gallery: The People and Quotes That Inspire Us

This ongoing gallery of well know and lesser known figures from the world of animal rights and vegan culture is a wonderful way to get to match the names with the faces. Some come from academia, some from popular culture. Some are great authors and speakers, while others are political, social justice or cultural icons. Our hand picked photos and quotes attempt to capture the essence of who these people are and what means the most to them. Continue reading

Morality, Biology, Complicity: Humans Not Predators

The world is red in tooth and claw, it is said. Animals kill and eat each other as a matter of course. It’s as natural as breathing, sleeping, and breeding. But yet … What this elision obscures is the self evident truth that humans are the only species with the potential to conceptualize and consciously apply basic moral principles to the chaos of biological life. Continue reading

Zoe Weil on TEDx: The Brave New Age of Solutionaries

In this follow up to her previous TEDx talk, The World Becomes What You Teach, Zoe Weil, President of the Institute for Humane Education, focuses on how each of us can combine our passions, talents, and concerns to contribute to a better world and how this concept must be woven into our education system. Together we can solve our pressing challenges and create a humane, just, and healthy world for all people, animals, and the environment. Continue reading

Not Surprisingly, More Science Elevating Chicken Intelligence, Proposing Higher Moral Status

In a new study conducted by Andy Lamey of Monash University in Australia, researchers who studied chickens conclude that, contrary to earlier studies, chickens do possess “primitive self-consciousness” as identified in human newborns and higher primates. In this report, Lamey demonstrates how chickens respond to tests where they must learn the details of the tests first, hold them in memory for varying periods of time, and react on their memory of these learned behaviors by choosing an “optimal” reward, which requires practicing self control, i.e., “the ability to resist immediate gratification for a later benefit.” Continue reading

The Rise of Vegan Culture in Israel: Interview with Ikey Greene

“Real change is about making social justice for everyone, any gender, sexual orientation, race or species. Many people I know demonstrated for social justice last summer, but weren’t vegan. This summer they are, and they call for justice for all animals. This is how the social revolution in Israel is evolving and I hope we’ll be seeing this kind of transformation in other countries.” Continue reading

Elizabeth DeCoux’s Impassioned Speech on the Importance of Fighting Ag Gag Legislation

Animal advocate and educator Elizabeth DeCoux explains how and why to oppose agriculture gag laws that seek to criminalize animal advocacy efforts in exposing the abuses of animal enterprises like farms and labs. She begins her talk with explaining the political motivation behind the emergence of ag gag bills in Florida and other states, Continue reading

The Peace Map is Drawn on the Menu: Philip Wollen Wows a Debate on Meat

“The peace map is drawn on a menu. Peace is not just the absence of war; It is the presence of justice. Justice must be blind to race, color, religion or species. If she’s not blind, she will be a weapon of terror. And tonight there is unimaginable terror in those ghastly Guantanamo’s we call factory farms.” — Phillip Wollen Continue reading

Should Animals Be Off the Menu? A Full Debate on the Ethics of Eating Meat

Intelligence Squared’s 2012 series of debates kicks off with a look at the ethics of eating meat. Six speakers are divided into two teams for lively and insightful arguments for and against the proposition, Animals Should Be Off the Menu. Out of an audience of hundreds, 73.6% agreed meat should be off the menu upon hearing all of the arguments. Find out why, then ask yourself if you are making the right choice. Speaking for the proposition are Peter Singer, Philip Wollen and Veronica Ridge; against it, Adrian Richardson, Fiona Chambers and Bruce McGregor. Their cases are followed by questions from the floor and finally, the audience vote. Continue reading

The Amnesia-ville Horror

Unless small-scale farms have a plan to upend the most basic principle of classical economics–not to mention human nature–their endorsement of eating animals will continue to be, however inadvertently–an endorsement of factory farming. They will, of course, deny this. And they will, of course, be deluding themselves. Worse, they’ll be harming animals. Indeed, their delusions are just as complicit in the senseless killing of billions of animals as are the factory farms they claim to hate so vehemently. Continue reading

ASPCA Promotes Compassion, Respect, and Now the Slaughter of Animals

ASPCA, one of the leading animal protection organizations, would have you believe that the killing of chickens, as shown in the photo here, can somehow constitute a humane practice, a practice that is consistent with their mission of respect and compassion for animals. The kill cone method of slaughtering chickens, one of the most barbaric acts of violence we’ve seen, is considered the “humane” standard today, and ASPCA is using charitable donations to fund and promote poultry slaughter, expand poultry breeding and hatchery facilities and pretend that a factory farm is Not a factory farm, while doing NOTHING to promote genuine compassion and respect for these birds. Continue reading