Iowa’s New Ag Gag Law Makes It Criminal to Lie to Record Animal Abuse

Iowa’s new law makes lying on a job application to get access to a farm facility a serious misdemeanor, punishable with up to one year in prison and a fine of up to $1,500. A second conviction carries harsher penalties. It won overwhelming approval in the Iowa Legislature on Tuesday. This makes criminals out of undercover investigators who expose cruelty to animals, corporate corruption, dangerous working conditions, environmental violations, or food safety concerns on farms. Continue reading

When Food Choices Negate Free Choice

On many occasions I have read or listened to defensive reactions from people who claim that no one can force them to change what they eat, as if someone had their mouth pried open and was attempting to shove a russet potato down their throat. They defiantly proclaim their freedom to make the choices they want. But how free are they — really? Continue reading

Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs and Wear Cows: A Video Presentation by Melanie Joy

Author and speaker Dr. Melanie Joy has made numerous live presentations across the country to a general audience on the psychology behind eating meat she calls carnism. For those who have not seen this powerful presentation about the invisible belief system behind our meat eating culture, now you can watch this live recording on your desktop anytime you’d like. Continue reading

Ruby Roth’s New Children’s Book ‘Vegan Is Love: Having Heart and Taking Action’

Author and illustrator Ruby Roth presents her new children’s book, Vegan Is Love, introducing young readers to veganism as a lifestyle of compassion and action. Roth illustrates how our daily choices ripple out locally and globally, conveying what children can do today to protect animals, the environment, and people across the world. Continue reading

Slaughtering Chickens For “Art” Cancelled in Lawrence, Kansas

During the past month, United Poultry Concerns, working with Animal Outreach of Kansas (, has published 5 Action Alerts urging people to contact the Spencer Museum of Art and related institutions in Lawrence, KS to insist that an “art” project that these institutions were supporting, called “The Story of Chickens” by Amber Hansen, an artist-in-residence at the University of Kansas, be cancelled. To view these Alerts, see Continue reading

Pig’s Rectum Could Be a Secret Ingredient in Your Can of Soup

These days, anything goes in the world of corporate food. It’s like the wild west. Animal parts scraped up off of the kill floor of slaughterhouses where 10 billion animals are killed every year across America make their way into all kinds of foods you’d never even think of as “animal-based” like Jello gelatin, Gummy Bears, Twizzlers, marshmallows and the list could go on and on. But who could imagine that we live in an age where the rectum of slaughtered pigs could be commodified and packaged like a finished product as we see here in this photo from a Facebook friend. Continue reading

50,000 Egg Laying Hens Found Emaciated and Starving on California Farm

The Stansilaus County, Calfiornia Animal Control officer who spoke to FOX News called this the worst animal abuse case she’s ever seen. 50,000 hens found trapped in a huge warehouse with only about 2,000 birds in stable enough condition to be rescued. The other several thousand were too far gone and were “euthanized” in portable gas chambers that were brought in to the site of the farm. Continue reading

Stanford Biologist Hails New Plant Based Meat Indistinguishable from Animal Flesh

Brown began his work several years ago when he decided to focus the rest of his life upon solving the challenge of weaning the world off of animal farming. He described such animal farming as an “inefficient technology millennia old” that also represents “by far the biggest environmental catastrophe” during a press conference held at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Vancouver on Feb. 19. Continue reading

Placing the Chicken Before the Egg

This morning I woke up at 4 am and had a startling observation about chickens. I think I realized that over the last couple of years I’ve been trying to understand what their true intentions are. To learn this, we must first shed our human bias that prevents us from really understanding their true nature. That means for a moment not seeing them as a source of eggs or meat or anything but an animal worthy of observing. Provide them with a safe and caring environment that is free from expectations of producing something for us and show a bit of interest in them and what begins to happen? They begin to seek our companionship. Continue reading

Sow and Piglet Cruelty Investigation Surfaces at a Hormel Breeding Operation

While employed at Hawkeye Sow Centers (HSC), a pig breeding factory farm in Leland, Iowa, a COK investigator wore an undercover camera to document the day-to-day miseries forced upon thousands of female pigs—who are intensively confined in tiny crates where they can’t even turn around—and their piglets, who endure painful mutilations without any relief. Continue reading

Like Us, A Video Short on the Science-Based Discoveries of Non Human Animal Intelligence

Like Us is a 6 and a half minute video short that explores the connection between human and non human animals. Like Us uses sound, images and the latest science to show how recent discoveries in non-human animal intelligence dispel age-old myths still popular today. Collectively these discoveries shift the paradigm — away from the dominant view that animals are resources to our own ends and toward the view that animals indeed possess the intention to live a life shaped by their own unique interests. Continue reading

In Chipotle’s Video, the Solution to Factory Farming Is Returning to Old McDonald’s Farm

Chipotle’s new animated ad denounces factory farming and depicts renegade farmers going back to a traditional way of farming reminiscent of Old McDonald’s Farm, giving false hope to millions. But there is no turning back to where we started with a population now at 7 billion and expected to shoot up to 9 billion by 2030. To meet the current standards of demand for meat, dairy and eggs, the number of animals killed for food is expected to double by 2050, from the current 60 billion to 120 billion a year. There is no viable solution to factory farming and animal exploitation other than shifting our consumption from animas to plants. Continue reading

A Bittersweet Betrayal: Dogs, Rabbits and Rats Killed to Test a New Sweetener

In a series of shocking experiments which came to light in late 2011, a sweetener known as Advantame was force fed to over 44 dogs, nearly 100 rabbits and 360 rats, ultimately resulting in all being killed after months or years. In an additionally cruel twist, the sweetener tested was not even a ‘new’ product – having been derived directly from aspartame – another sweetener which has been tested extensively and is already widely consumed by the public
[2]. Experiments were funded and carried out by the Japanese company, Ajinomoto Co. Continue reading

Samuel the Jersey Calf: The Hidden Face of Dairy

The story of Samuel the dairy calf is an important one because it depicts the typical fate of male calves that are purely incidental “byproducts” of keeping dairy cows pregnant and lactating so they may produce a steady flow of mammary glad secretions we call milk. After just 4 to 5 cycles of pregnancy these dairy cows will become what the industry calls “spent” and in their fragile end of production state, the reward for their free labor is to be hauled off on often long and grueling journeys to slaughterhouses where they will meet the same violent end as animals raised for meat. Continue reading

Vegan Leafleter Wins Philadelphia Court Settlement for Illegal Arrest Case

The city of Philadelphia has agreed to pay $15,000 to Edward Coffin, an animal rights activist who was illegally arrested and held for two hours for handing out fliers on a public sidewalk outside a Whole Foods store. The American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania filed a lawsuit on Coffin’s behalf in December 2011. Continue reading

The River of Blood That Flows from Dallas, TX to Koscierzyna, Poland

The coincidence of finding the same kind of story in two completely different parts of the world on the same day seems uncanny. Or is it far more common than we care to know? On the same day, I found two news stories surface, one about a river of pig blood coming from a slaughterhouse in a small town in Poland called Koscierzyna and the other, about pig blood flowing down a river in Dallas, TX. Continue reading