A Comedy Sketch Based on Where Exactly Did That Chicken on the Menu Come From?

We found this video comedy sketch very clever and telling about the extent to which we seek to now know where our food comes from. The scene is a restaurant where two lovebird diners contemplate ordering chicken but have many questions about how the chicken was raised for the waitress. The waitress actually brings out a “bio” on the rooster and the local farm who raised him. In the end, the couple doesn’t take the waitress’ word for it and they decide to leave the restaurant to go investigate where the rooster they have now given a name actually comes from. Continue reading

A New US Map of Ag Gag Laws and Farm Cruelty Investigations

Mark Middleton of Animal Visuals has launched an exciting new “action map” that features the most comprehensive collection of major farm animal cruelty investigations we’ve seen as well as the ongoing status of Ag Gag laws in the various states where those laws have been passed or are pending consideration. Continue reading

A Calf’s Incredible Journey from Slaughterhouse to Sanctuary

On the evening of April 10th a calf just weeks old made a break from a slaughterhouse in Paterson, NJ. and embarked on an unbelievable journey to freedom and safety. He eluded capture for hours and even waded into the Passaic River. Police used vehicles to ram into the calf in an effort to bring him under control until a tranquilizer gun could be obtained. The story was picked up by local news in which the slaughterhouse owner agreed to release the calf to an unspecified farm. Continue reading

A Modern Day Remus and Romulus Sculpture: the Absurdity of Our Dependence on Milk

Like a modern day homage to the famous symbol of Rome, the statue of Remus and Romulus, artist Liu Qiang’s powerful sculpture entitled “29h59’59″ commands a powerful presence at China’s 798 Art District in Beijing. The exploitation of animals in modern agriculture and humanity’s perverse reliance on animals for food takes center stage in the riveting piece of art. Continue reading

Photo Gallery: Precious Animals, A Project of Dutch Photographer and Filmmaker Jan van IJken

Precious Animals is a photo-project about the relationship between animals and humans, focusing on animals as manufactured consumer products on the one hand, with efficiency playing the leading role, and these very consumers and their habit of pampering their own pets and other cuddly two and four-legged creatures, on the other hand. Continue reading

Puppy on a Bun Campaign Sheds Light on Our Cognitive Dissonance between Pets and Food Animals

The animal advocacy group Mercy for Animals has taken their “Why Love One But Eat the Other?” campaign to a new level with a demonstration involving a 10-foot inflatable puppy inside of a giant hotdog bun in Alexandria, Virginia. This video is a local news coverage of the event. Many animals raised for food are still infants when they are killed for food. For example, chickens could be anywhere from four to seven weeks old when they reach “market weight” at which point they are sent immediately to slaughter. Continue reading

Kim Stallwood: Evolving Animal Advocacy beyond Moral Crusade to Social Justice Movement

In March animal rights scholar Kim Stallwood spoke at a conference organized by Critical Perspectives on Animals in Society at the University of Exeter. He shared the platform with Lee McConnell from Northumbria University School of Law. In this 20 minute talk, Stallwood makes an excellent case for why the animal advocacy / rights movement must move beyond what he calls a “moral crusade” to a more strategic and mobilized social justice movement. Continue reading

Government Statistics Show Decline in Animals Killed to Feed Americans in 2011

Noam Mohr is a researcher and developer who reports on annual statistics on animals killed for food in the U.S. from official government records he analyzes from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, and the U.S. Census Bureau. According to his findings, meat consumption has been declining consecutively since 2000 through 2011, though with a slight increase in chicken meat consumption in 2011. Continue reading

Video: Press Conference at Frankfurt Airport on Paul Watson’s Arrest

Captain Paul Watson, known to some as the “eco-hero of the oceans,” is being held in a German prison awaiting the German government’s decision on whether to extradite him to Costa Rica where he is wanted on alleged charges based on accusations from illegal fishing operations there. This video, recorded just the other day at the Frankfurt airport, features a spokesperson from the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and their attorney making the case for why Watson should be set free. The first half is in English and the second half in German. Learn more about this story and what you can do at the Sea Shepherd website. Continue reading