The Slippery Slope of Vegan Nutritional Surveillance

It used to be that vegans concerned ourselves with social justice and digging at the roots of unjust privileges. We worked at changing how society conceptualizes other animals, at getting people to finally see the unnecessary, systemic violence that is so pervasive and ingrained, it’s nearly invisible. We thought that we had a lot of work to do but it turns out that we’d been badly neglecting a whole sphere that deserved our attention: nutritional one-upmanship. Continue reading

Saddest Slaughterhouse Footage Ever Shows No Blood Or Slaughter

No matter how much we may talk about kindness, no matter how much we may practice it elsewhere, as long as we demand that living, feeling individuals be harmed and killed for our pleasure — as long as we choose violence over compassion — then we do not live a good or just life. Far greater than the sum of our good acts is the trail of blood, suffering and death we willfully and needlessly leave behind us. Continue reading

The Matrix of Carnism

While most of us are preoccupied with what everyone else is doing and thinking, the message of the Matrix mirrors what Sophocles also taught millennia ago: think for yourself. The only way out of the mental prison of the Matrix is to question what you’ve been taught. Overcome denial and face the truth. And then stop supporting slavery in all of its manifestations because it is the very reason why the Matrix got you under its spell in the first place. Continue reading

Truth & Advertising: Spoof of New Chipotle Ad Goes Viral

Viewers of burrito chain Chipotle’s new (and much-discussed) animation, “The Scarecrow” — ostensibly, a brave and innovative critique of factory farming — will immediately recall another factory: the magical candy land paradise of the film, Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory. The association comes from Chipotle’s selection of the song “Pure Imagination,” which famously accompanies Wonka’s unveiling of his edible wonderland. Continue reading Has Nothing to Do with Justice for Chickens

Having discovered a website called, I was eager to determine the organization behind it. But what I discovered there had little if anything to do with chicken advocacy. Instead I discovered some strange twists and turns in their campaign that claims to “save chickens” and help poultry slaughterhouse workers, and I felt compelled to write the following letter to the organization’s executive director, Kim Bobo. Continue reading

The Ultimate Betrayal: Is There Happy Meat? An Excerpt from the Book

It is curious that people will show great concern for how farmed animals are treated when alive and yet do not seem to be troubled by their slaughter. This fact seems to demonstrate a general inability to appraise the various gradations of moral transgressions, with killing being at the furthest end of the spectrum of immorality. Especially with respect to animal slaughter, there is a general tendency to ignore gradations of violent and harmful actions. Continue reading

A Vegan Doctor Addresses The Protein Question

Nearly all of what I treat in the Emergency Department is diet related. We have eaten ourselves into a state of sickness, and it is fueled by misinformation. This is nowhere more clear than in the endlessly circulated protein myth; most of us have been indoctrinated into a belief system which holds the misconception that our only sources of protein are animal-derived. Although animal flesh, eggs and milk are sources of protein which we can utilize, they are in fact inferior to plant-based sources. Continue reading

Sexing Chicks: Normalized Cruelty in the Egg Business

Sexing chickens involves a staggering level of cruelty, forcing the internal sex organs of newborn chick to protrude out so the sexer can sort females from males. To hear the helpless chirps and screams of these animals is horrifying. Male chicks will be killed through suffocation. Eggs are cruel for many many reasons, starting with the horrific cruelty of the hatcheries that sell birds to egg farms and backyard chicken keepers alike. Continue reading

Please, No Mo’ Faux Meat, Cheese or Milk!

One of my biggest pet peeves is hearing people (especially other vegans) refer to vegan food as fake, faux, mock and so on. Vegan meat and milk products are made from beans, grains, vegetables, fruit, nuts, oil and spices. These foods are quite real – there’s nothing fake about them. And they’re no more processed than what the typical carnist eats. In fact, they’re often less processed. (Just have a look at the ingredients in Field Roast vegan sausages vs. ones from Oscar Mayer for example.) Continue reading

Meet Louise: Free from Harm’s Latest Rescued Chicken

Louise is Free from Harm‚’s latest hen rescue. We responded to a call from Chicago Animal Control and Care who found her on the streets of Chicago. She has a beak deformity from having been debeaked earlier in her life. She has already been successfully treated for an upper respiratory infection and biting lice. She’s active, alert and eating well, though still frail, underweight and may have a crop (digestion) issue that the vet will need to check on. Continue reading