Funny Animal Videos: Why Balancing Goats and Jazz Loving Cows Go Viral

It seems we can’t get enough of funny animal videos. Indeed, it would be difficult to calculate the collective hours of our lives lost to (enriched by?) footage of cats in boxes, parrots dancing, crows sledding, and dogs, well, dogs being dogs. We are endlessly fascinated by animals at play. But an unusual thing happens within the genre of funny animal videos, which is that it’s one of the few forums focused on animal personalities in which farm animals are equally welcomed and celebrated. Case in point is the latest funny animal video to take the world by storm, “Chevres en Équilibre,” Continue reading

Chicken Rescue Alert: Give to Lucinda in Her Time of Need

Please help us raise $750 for our Chicken Rescue Fund to cover Lucinda’s medical care. Lucinda was the fragile little hen we rescued in the Summer of 2012 from the brink of starvation — with a severe beak deformity and infested with biting lice — who miraculously bounced back to health over the course of the months to follow and has been enjoying a good life in our care. But the other day, we discovered she faces a new and urgent health crisis. Lucinda is producing very large eggs that are too big to pass through her small pelvis. Continue reading

Vegan Activist Put to Shame By World’s Happiest Cow

This is a cow called Fiete. He was rescued from slaughter and lives on a sanctuary in Germany. Hearing him, I am ashamed because he says better in 30 seconds what I have been trying to say for over a decade as a vegan activist. How beautifully and how irrefutably he answers the question: “Why vegan?” But I have another question once you have listened to Fiete. Continue reading

A Vegan Doctor Addresses Soy Myths and Misinformation

Soy has long been recognized as a nutrient-dense food and as an excellent source of protein by respected dietitians and clinical nutritionists. The soybean contains all of the essential amino acids, as well as an impressive list of vitamins and minerals. Yet despite the powerful health benefits of whole soy foods, myths and misinformation regarding the ‘dangers’ of soy consumption are being widely circulated and presented as fact. I will address a few of these myths by taking a closer look at some of the sources of confusion and controversy. Continue reading

Ezra, the Chicken Who Survived the Most Unbelievable Odds, Needs You!

Ezra is a strikingly handsome black rooster who was found in a cemetery by police after an eyewitness discovered him half-buried in the snow in front of a headstone. His legs were tightly bound with rope, to which had also been tied a small doll, ribbons, and a piece of fatty, raw meat. Ezra was likely the victim of a ritual sacrifice. Continue reading

Esperanza: Story of a Rescued Broiler Chicken

This 2-minute video features our latest rescue, Esperanza. Esperanza is a Cornish Rock hen raised for her flesh. We believe she escaped or fell of a transport truck on her way to the slaughterhouse and found herself stranded in a forest preserve where she was discovered, being chased and tormented by a cat on a cold winter day. Since we later learned that she could barely walk, it’s all the more amazing that she survived all of this. Continue reading

Empathy Does Not Discriminate

At the heart of our friendship was empathy. Empathy is what allows us to cross boundaries, whether between “self’ and “other” or “us” and “them.” Empathy is about understanding how the world looks from another living being’s point of view, imagining how another is feeling, and wanting to alleviate another’s distress or share in his or her joy. Empathy is our greatest resource and the more we can promote a person’s empathy, the more the world will be a compassionate, peaceful and just place. Continue reading

The Female Animal: Beyond What We Can Produce

Farm animals were my friends. I shared secrets with them, told playful stories and felt a special bond with them. When I heard phrases like ‘spent hen’ it meant their reproductive systems could no longer be exploited for eggs. They were worthless. Off with their heads. When cows were unable to have calves they became hamburger. They had been ‘milked for all they were worth.’ These statements usually come with a chuckle, but they are powerful influences. I see now that my unconscious decision not to have children was an attempt to prove I was worth something. On my own. I desperately wanted to beat the system of being valued for what I could produce. Continue reading

Bacon: A Day in the Life

Many people have by now seen the horrifying footage from Tyson Pork that Mercy for Animals released earlier this year. And while it’s certainly the case that farms exist where pigs are not maliciously beaten, body-slammed, and burned, the truth is that virtually all pigs raised for meat are subjected to excruciating mutilations without anesthesia or pain relief. These torturous procedures are all legal and routine. Continue reading

10 Reasons To Say NO To Animal Gifting Hunger Relief Organizations

During the holiday gift-giving season, a popular choice for gift-donations are programs that send live farm animals as “gifts” to help alleviate hunger and poverty in low-income countries. A Well Fed World examine the flaws in concept and practice with animal-gifting groups in general, and with Heifer International in particular (since they are the largest and most well-known).In short, we explain why animal gifting doesn’t necessarily help, and sometimes harms, the recipients, and how these programs may be misleading to donors. Continue reading

Help Us Hire Writer/Editor and Social Media Coordinator Ashley Capps!

We’d like to take a moment to zero in on the most powerful way you can help us grow in 2014: help us hire Ashley Capps as our full-time writer, researcher, editor and social media coordinator. Ashley’s recent work for Free from Harm has brought a record volume of traffic to our website, resulting in more than one million additional visitors in the last six months alone. By bringing her on full-time we can attract millions more to our educational website, as well as reach millions on Facebook! Continue reading

Farmed Fish: 9 Things Everyone Should Know

The aquaculture industry is like a whale on steroids, growing faster than any other animal agriculture segment and now accounting for half the fish eaten in the U.S. As commercial fishing operations continue to strip the world’s oceans of life, with one-third of fishing stocks collapsed and the rest headed there by mid-century, fish farming is increasingly seen as a way to meet the world’s growing demand. Continue reading

Burning Pig Effigy Protests Factory Farm on Former Nazi Camp

November 17th in Prague, an effigy of a burning pig was paraded down the street to protest a pig factory farm in Lety on the site of a former Nazi concentration camp. The occasion was the Czech state holiday called the Slave of Race (Otrokem Rasy). The spectacle suggests that the pigs are viewed — not as innocent victims of another atrocity — but, callously, as a nuisance and an insult to the dignity of a past human atrocity Continue reading

Bikini Turkeys and Prostitute Chickens: The Sexualized Death Wish

This short video piece featuring Carol Adams, author of The Sexual Politics of Meat, provides a very powerful snapshot of how chickens and turkeys are sexualized by popular culture, linking the oppression of women and animals, and exposing the cultural myth that animals want to be consumed in the same manner that women want to be exploited and used as sex objects. Continue reading

COP 19 and Climate Change: Eating Ourselves Out of a Dire Predicament

The participants at recent COP conventions have had no difficulty calling for the elimination of coal and replacement of fossil fuels by alternative energy sources such as wind and solar. It’s time they consider calling for the same measures with animal products.” Indeed, the solution to the climate change caused by at least one of the three largest emitters of anthropogenic GHGs can be readily found by any of the high-level COP 19 attendees — they simply need to glance down at what’s on their dinner plates! Continue reading

Rare Footage Reveals Latest Humane Slaughter Lie: CO2 Gassing

Many of you have no doubt heard that the latest form of “putting animals to sleep” with CO2 gas is completely humane. Temple Grandin praises gassing as well. But this rare video footage inside of a gas chamber, that actually shows what pigs go through as they are being gassed to death, reveals just what a horrific way to die this really is, contrary to what the meat industry would like you to believe. The video appears to have been recorded inside of a testing laboratory at the University of Zurich. Continue reading