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Groundbreaking, Game Changing Vegan Cheese Is Here

For many people, ditching dairy is only moderately difficult; for others, it isn’t hard at all. But for some it’s a real obstacle; one of the most consistent objections to veganism I encounter is “I could never live without cheese!” But the truth is that while we joke about dying without dairy products, millions of cows and calves are killed each year in the name of dairy production, with calves cruelly torn from their mothers at birth even on small, so-called humane dairy farms. Continue reading

A Tour of Fair Oaks Farms ‘Pig Adventure’ : The First Factory Farm Disneyland

Ashley Capps created this incredibly virtual tour of her experience visiting Pig Adventure on opening day, August 5th. She walks us through her visit using a photo slideshow and even video clips to show the incredibly dystopian “Disneyland” this place really represents! For those who can’t see this in person, this is truly the next best thing. Continue reading

A Closer Look at the Wagner Farm Animals

The town of Glenview, IL has a tax-paying resident who has stood up for what she believes is the right thing to do for the animals at Wagner Farm (a public working farm in Glenview) for 12 years now, even while confronting a relentless barrage of criticism, ridicule and even villianization for standing her ground, defending the animals and attempting to save their lives from slaughter. Even against these great odds, Debby Rubenstein, president of Wagner Farm Rescue Fund, has managed to rescue 82 animals from Wagner Farm and find them forever-homes where they can live out the rest of their lives. Continue reading

Egg Facts: What the Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know

Seeing backyard hens frolicking in the grass looks wonderful on the surface. Yet, beyond the surface lies the source of virtually all commercially raised chickens today: the industrial scale hatcheries that breed billions of birds every year in absolutely appalling conditions and that use cruel practices such as beak amputation, killing of millions of male chicks, and genetic manipulation to optimize egg production which dooms hens to cancer, heart failure, and other serious adverse health effects early in their lives. In short, hatcheries profit on the suffering of some 280 million birds each year in the US and our demand keeps them profitable. Continue reading

Dairy Facts: What the Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know

Dairy Facts is a photo slideshow that uncovers the hidden facts behind dairy farming the industry doesn’t want you to know about. Behind the labels and the marketing of happy cows is a world full of physical and psychological suffering and killing, still largely unknown by most consumers today. Each image / infographic exposes one of the many inhumane practices common in modern dairy farming — including dairy products labeled “humane” and “organic.” Continue reading

Photo Gallery: The People and Quotes That Inspire Us

This ongoing gallery of well know and lesser known figures from the world of animal rights and vegan culture is a wonderful way to get to match the names with the faces. Some come from academia, some from popular culture. Some are great authors and speakers, while others are political, social justice or cultural icons. Our hand picked photos and quotes attempt to capture the essence of who these people are and what means the most to them. Continue reading

Photo Gallery: Doris the Hen, a School Chick Hatching Project Survivor

Doris is a beautiful, docile and highly intelligent red hen that we adopted from a Chicago Public School chick hatching program. She charms and delights everyone who meets her. Unfortunately, as an egg laying hen, her life is centered around a struggle to survive the debilitating and life threatening health conditions that afflict most hens today that are bred by giant hatcheries to produce up to 5 times more eggs than what nature intended for their bodies. Continue reading

Photo Gallery: Sandye the Rescued Mystery Hen

We’ve written about one of our adopted hens Sandye that we often call the “mystery hen” because we know so little about what her life was like before we adopted her, other than the farmer who discarded her said she was no longer laying eggs and therefore could not keep her. We found her at a sanctuary for animals in not so good condition: sparse feathers, missing toenails, jaggedly clipped beak, some deformity to her head. Continue reading

Photo Gallery: Highlights from the We Animals Project by Photojournalist Jo-Anne McArthur

McArthur shares her work with us here on freefromharm.org to provide our members with a “snapshot” (no pun intended) of the work of this daring and innovative photojournalist who has travelled the world to uncover the experience of animals in a human-dominated world where humans use animals for their own ends without even thinking (or perhaps caring) about how this impacts them. But the photos clearly capture and communicate the emotions and thoughts of the animal subjects. We are compelled to see their point of view, like never before. Continue reading

Photo Gallery: Precious Animals, A Project of Dutch Photographer and Filmmaker Jan van IJken

Precious Animals is a photo-project about the relationship between animals and humans, focusing on animals as manufactured consumer products on the one hand, with efficiency playing the leading role, and these very consumers and their habit of pampering their own pets and other cuddly two and four-legged creatures, on the other hand. Continue reading

Suzanna, a Pekin Duck Rescued from Chicago Animal Control

This month we found ourselves fostering an orphaned duck for three days we named Suzanna who comes from Chicago Animal Control. Within 48 hours, she went from fearing us to friending us. And we quickly realized what a deeply sensitive, intelligent and affectionate bird she is. We knew nothing about ducks before we met Suzanna. I did some research and found that she was a Pekin duck, a species commonly raised as a meat commodity. Continue reading