Photo Gallery: Highlights from the We Animals Project by Photojournalist Jo-Anne McArthur

The text introducing one of Jo-Anne McArthur’s galleries on her website honestly and unsentimentally provides the context for what you are about to see: “A group of us spent a full day at a small-scale dairy and veal farm. We witnessed the milk line production, artificial insemination and the birth of a calf who was taken away from her mother not 15 minutes after she was born. The photo gallery will walk you through our experience, and the experience of those who live, and die, on the farm.”

McArthur shares her work with us here on to provide our members with a “snapshot” (no pun intended) of the work of this daring and innovative photojournalist who has travelled the world to uncover the experience of animals in a human-dominated world where humans use animals for their own ends without even thinking (or perhaps caring) about how this impacts them. But the photos clearly capture and communicate the emotions and thoughts of the animal subjects. We are compelled to see their point of view, like never before. It promises to be an eye opening visual experience!

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  1. Some people, me included for most of my life, don’t want to look – it’s too sad, ugly. Now, however I look. It’s like killing something is OK, because you crave a hamburger, or like how something tastes – what a trivial excuse for slaughter. It’s the same: Not looking at the animal and it being killed, because you prefer to only look at the plastic wrapped meat.
    I try and look back to when eating meat became eating animals – so I can find something like these artists – that will convince others to treat life with more reverence.

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