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A Farmer’s Change of Heart about His Chickens

This a moving, non graphic video that tells the magnificent story of one farmer of caged egg laying chickens who apparently had a change of heart and released them to Edgar’s Mission farm sanctuary in Australia. For the first time in their lives, the rescued chickens in this video are getting an opportunity to exhibit their natural behaviors. The video highlights some of the chicken’s most basic pleasures in life: stretching and flapping their wing, sunbathing, dustbathing, scratching in the earth and forming social bonds with others in their flock. Continue reading

TURLOCK the movie: Biggest Rescue Story in California History

Turlock is the incredible story of the rescue of 4,460 starving hens from an egg farm in Stanislaw County, California in Spring, 2012, managed by Animal Place. Turlock the movie is released one year after the rescue effort to commemorate the date. While tragic, the story is ultimately an immensely-inspiring testament of the human will to help and defend the lives of animals who are the hidden casualties of the industries that profit from their suffering. Continue reading

Video: Little Princess the Calf’s Story Brings Out the Vegan in Us All

Of all the compelling reasons to be vegan, nothing could be more motivating than the story of Little Princess, a terribly sick dairy cow who no one wanted to buy at auction until Animal Place Sanctuary stepped in and purchased her for $5. They rushed her to UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, where veterinarians found that Little Princess had pneumonia, a condition that had gone untreated for at least three months — perhaps as long as five months. With 80% of her lungs full of pus, she was too far gone to save. Her new friends cradled Little Princess in their arms as she was euthanized. Continue reading

Angelica: The Thanksgiving Day Hen

This short video chronicles the life of Angelica, a sweet little hen rescued on Thanksgiving Day. Free from Harm director Robert Grillo explains the rescue. the care Angelica received and her untimely passing on December 18th. This video also probes the bigger questions about the egg hatcheries where hens like Angelica are bred and their connection to the backyard chicken movement, factory egg farming, organic, free-range and cage-free labeling and the deeply misunderstood obstacles that egg-laying hens face, regardless of their upbringing. Continue reading

Angelica the Hen: Rescued on Thanksgiving Day, Back from the Hospital!

After two weeks at the Niles Animal Hospital, Angelica was released to us today, and we had a consultation with our veterinarian, Dr. Peter Sakas, who briefed us on the tests, treatments and progress she has made under the care of his staff. We also discussed the challenges that lie ahead, namely her ability to eat properly due to her beak amputation that left her with literally no upper beak at all. Continue reading

Backyard Butchery: An Ethical Alternative to Factory Farming?

With such a focus on factory farming today, there is little attention on a growing movement in the backyard slaughter farms which operate under the radar and without any regulatory oversight. But some activists are hoping to change that. In Southern Florida in particular, the backyard butchery movement is thriving, and investigator Richard “Kudo” Couto of Animal Recovery Mission (ARM) is a pioneering activist who does a tremendous job exposing these covert operations. Continue reading

Nicholas: The Story of a Rescued Steer, Casualty of the Dairy Industry

Nicholas is a sweet steer who was rescued by Animal Place Sanctuary on Christmas day five years ago, when he was only a few days old. Someone found him tied up outside an apartment complex with no food or water and called animal control officers, who got in touch with the sanctuary, where he is now living out his life in peace. Male dairy calves have little value to dairy farmers, since they don’t produce milk. In this informative and inspiring video, Animal Place Education Manager Marji Beach tells the happy story of Nicholas. Continue reading