Video: Little Princess the Calf’s Story Brings Out the Vegan in Us All

Of all the compelling reasons to be vegan, nothing could be more motivating than the story of Little Princess, a terribly sick dairy calf who no one wanted to buy at auction until Animal Place Sanctuary stepped in and purchased her for $5. Sanctuary staff rushed her to UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, where veterinarians found that Little Princess had pneumonia, a condition that had gone untreated for at least three months — perhaps as long as five months. With 80% of her lungs full of pus, she was too far gone to save. Her new friends cradled Little Princess in their arms as she was euthanized.

Every day, dairy farmers dump unwanted calves like Little Princess at auctions, where the males are often sold for veal and the females as replacements for another dairy’s used-up, slaughtered cows. Once their milk production declines in a few short years, these females will also be slaughtered and replaced, in a continuous cycle of exploitation. One-week-old “drop” calves who aren’t fit for either veal or dairy generally fetch from $5 to $20.

All this suffering just so members of another species can drink a glass of cow’s milk.

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Robert Grillo is the founder and director of Free from Harm, a non profit animal rescue, education and advocacy organization. Robert is the author of over 500 articles on Free from Harm and is particularly interested in the advocacy of chickens and turkeys who collectively represent 99% of the animals exploited for food. He shares his life with a flock of rescued hens and a rescued homing pigeon. You can email Robert at And you can find him on Google+ and Twitter.

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  1. The culture of greed and meanness revealed in stories like this are beyond shameful. That living creatures are used up and thrown away or neglected to the point of death for human profit and pleasure is revolting. The churches who proclaim that human beings are the crown of God’s creation should take a second look at the sins and crimes committed against the innocent. Maybe if they weren’t so concerned about filling their collections plates they would speak out for the defenseless whom, supposedly, God also created. The ethical and moral issues here have been totally ignored. Laws have been virtually usesless. I don’t know what it will take to change things, aside from enough people who care.

  2. This is heartbreaking. I am glad I no longer contribute to this egregiuos industry. I have been a vegan 2 years this January. Mr. Grillo, thank you for educating us on the the dark underbelly of the farming industry.

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