What Came Before: Steve-O Says Know Where Your Food Came From

TV and movie star Steve-O narrates this powerful short video about some of the fortunate individual animals rescued by Farm Sanctuary and also reveals the life of the less fortunate animals that are born into modern farming in the US today. The contrast is striking. These highly social and sensitive individuals will show you what rich and complex lives they are capable of living when they are allowed to live out their lives on a sanctuary. And in contrast, the video depicts the lives of the vast majority of animals, who, by no choice of their own, were born into a world of commercial farming that views and treats them as commodities. These animals are subjected to a short life of great physical and psychological suffering until they reach “market weight.” And then they are trucked off to slaughterhouses where they will meet their end at just a fraction of their natural lifespan. What Came Before compels us all to rethink what’s on our plate. How can you help? Watch this video. Share this video. And act on what you learn.

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  1. OMG-This is the most powerful (and sickening) video I have ever seen.
    Even though I will upset people (family especially) I am going to forward this to all and demand that they view it.

    Actually, anyone who eats “meat” has a moral duty to at least know what, in different words they are paying others to do. I believe the narrator mentioned that.in different words.
    A million thanks to Steve-O
    I was interested in taking a course in a plant based diet. It was not only filled but the waiting list was large. I also took a plant-based diet course at a local adult learning school.
    I am writing an e-book titled,”the Many Benefits of Vegetarianism/veganism for your health,the Planet, and the Animals.

    The trend (wave) is growing larger everyday.
    I watched a video in which the doctor posited that we are not carnivores physically.

    • Great stuff patvolk. You should also see the http://www.earthlings.com movie which addresses how we treat our fellow Earthlings (animals) in every aspect i.e. food, entertainment, fashion, medicine and as pets. Huge eye-opener.

  2. Wow. I went vegetarian 3 yrs ago, fearing the vegan diet. I went vegan in March 2012 and it has made all the difference. I actually GAINED WEIGHT as a vegetarian, but on the diet of compassion, I lost 40+ lbs. I did it to help end cruelty, but I look sooo much better that people are constantly asking me what I did. It is simple. I eat a plant based diet and reject ALL animal based products. I didn’t think I could eat a vegan diet until I tried. You CAN too.
    I never would have pegged Steve O as a vegan anti cruelty guy. I am sooo moved by this video. THANK YOU STEVE! And thank you to Free From Harm.

  3. Thank You Steve O for your compassion and narration of this powerful video. You are a true (Comrade of the Soul)… My mission and vision is to try and share my work with as many as I can world wide and my first on line course (promoting a whole foods plant based diet), cooking class videos and educational tuturoials with me is being launched this month on the world wide web. I am donating 5% from each sale to world hunger and will grow my funds to support cruelty against animals.
    In good heatlh, Marlene

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