Elizabeth DeCoux’s Impassioned Speech on the Importance of Fighting Ag Gag Legislation

Animal advocate and educator Elizabeth DeCoux explains in her video presentation “Keeping It Legal,” how and why to oppose agriculture gag laws that seek to criminalize animal advocacy efforts in exposing the abuses of animal enterprises like farms and labs. She begins her talk with explaining the political motivation behind the emergence of ag gag bills in Florida and other states, which then leads to a comparison of the true nature of pigs as compared to their stark and very unnatural and inhumane lives on farms. In the final section, DeCoux explains what we can do to fight ag gag laws and makes an impassioned call to action for the cause of animal justice.

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  1. I have eaten animal products my entire life (thirty years), but this speech has inspired me to change. I do have mercy for these animals. They are not so different from us if they love life, love their babies, and feel sorrow when exploited. I feel like a cannibal when I think of all of the pork that I have enjoyed with my family, but education can remove the ignorance that allows us to degrade our fellow creatures and ourselves. That is one reason why the Ag-Gag laws must be blocked in Florida and repealed in Iowa, Utah, North Dakota, Montana, and Kansas. However, even where these efforts fail, educating the public about atrocities that occur behind closed doors is still possible. Thanks for the education, Professor DeCoux! The river rises as we speak…

    • Yes, that river is rising! Thanks so much for these kind words and for your decision to be vegan. It really inspires me to keep doing this work.

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