Should Animals Be Off the Menu? A Full Debate on the Ethics of Eating Meat

Intelligence Squared’s 2012 series of debates kicks off with a look at the ethics of eating meat. Six speakers are divided into two teams for lively and insightful arguments for and against the proposition, Animals Should Be Off the Menu. Out of an audience of hundreds, 73.6% agreed meat should be off the menu upon hearing all of the arguments. Find out why, then ask yourself if you are making the right choice. Speaking for the proposition are Peter Singer, Philip Wollen and Veronica Ridge; against it, Adrian Richardson, Fiona Chambers and Bruce McGregor. Their cases are followed by questions from the floor and finally, the audience vote.

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  1. I have watched this debate three times and have never lost my interest, the more I watch, the more I have so much hope for the animals. Finally, after centuries, there is a group of people, Gary Yourofsky, Phillip woolen, and many animal activists have changed the course of history to bring social justice to all’s. I wish that all innocent and gentle animals such as cows, sheep, pigs and chickens would have never gone through what they are going through now. When I looked at the book about animals on the planet at the age of 4 years old, I felt so sad, and that feeling still always remain as a question of myself, I don’t know why was I, a four years old child had such anomalous feeling. Until now, at the age of 50, the revolution for social justice that Mr. Woolen, and many recent activists as well as this intelligent debate has brought tears to my happiness, I now finally understood the reason of my feeling back on that day at the age of four years old, the mystery of my feelings in my child hood seems to be revealed. My hope for the day of revolution for social justice for these suffering animals must become true. The lives of these gentle creatures are so precious on earth that we all share, I don’t understand why human race could decide the fates of these innocent living beings without questions. How could human still be able to keep all the laws about rape, murder, genocide, tortures when they are the ones who violated all these laws that they have claimed for? My heart felt thanks for the man who marked the moment of history, Phillip Woolen “let vote for those who have no voice today” His compassions with rhetorical, and brilliant speech and his love for our planet will always be treasured and passed on generations.

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