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After Learning These Parts of A Chicken, You May Never Want to Eat One Again

The parts of a chicken most people tend to know are the ones that end up on their plates: “cuts of meat” from a depersonalized carcass that involve creepy descriptors like “boneless,” “skinless” and “split breast.” But the parts of a chicken extend far beyond the degrading diagram of a butcher’s cuts. The will to live, the wish to be loved for who you are… these too are parts of a chicken. Continue reading

Farmed Fish: 9 Things Everyone Should Know

The aquaculture industry is like a whale on steroids, growing faster than any other animal agriculture segment and now accounting for half the fish eaten in the U.S. As commercial fishing operations continue to strip the world’s oceans of life, with one-third of fishing stocks collapsed and the rest headed there by mid-century, fish farming is increasingly seen as a way to meet the world’s growing demand. Continue reading

Sexing Chicks: Normalized Cruelty in the Egg Business

Sexing chickens involves a staggering level of cruelty, forcing the internal sex organs of newborn chick to protrude out so the sexer can sort females from males. To hear the helpless chirps and screams of these animals is horrifying. Male chicks will be killed through suffocation. Eggs are cruel for many many reasons, starting with the horrific cruelty of the hatcheries that sell birds to egg farms and backyard chicken keepers alike. Continue reading

My Visit to a Local Live Poultry Market

This short, non graphic video documents my visit to a live poultry market in Chicago. I posed as someone interested in having a business like theirs and asked if I could take some photos. They agreed. I then just let the video roll. What I found was even worse than I would have imagined. The only way to describe this place is a squalid hell on earth with a level of suffering I had never seen before. Shops like this are marketed as the “buy local,” “sustainable,” “free range,” “pasture-raised” and “organic” alternatives to factory farming. Continue reading

The Spiked Nose Ring: A Symbol for All Dairy Cruelty

Voltaire once wrote, “If we believe absurdities, we will commit atrocities,” and nowhere is this principle seen more clearly than in the billion dollar lies and bizarre cruelties of the dairy industry. It is a testament to the power of dairy advertising that otherwise intelligent adults can be made to believe that it is not only natural, but necessary to drink the breast milk of another species. In trying to expose this absurdity, one encounters even more absurd defenses and practices. This video is a perfect example, demonstrating the heartless cruelties visited on animals in the dairy industry. Continue reading

The Silence of the Lambs

No, this is not about the infamous fictional horror movie that has spooked many and given others feverish nightmares. This is far worse, far more premiditated, far more methodical and far more insidious than the movie. And worst of all, it’s all really happening right now, particularly around this time of year to celebrate the Easter holiday. The latest Animal Equality undercover investigation exposes the transport and slaughter of young lambs in Italy, a typical scene depicting standard industry practices (most likely for “humane” labeled products) rather than some isolated and egregious act of cruelty. And it proves how the everyday, “normal” exploitation of animals is perhaps the most disturbing reality of all. Continue reading

Israeli Vet Likens Kosher Slaughterhouse Investigation to Animals’ Treblinka

A new video clip has been released by Israeli group, Anonymous for Animal Rights, shot undercover at Israel’s leading kosher meat processor, Tnuva Cattle in Beit Shean, Israel. The video footage was captured by an investigator acting as an employee at Truva between September and October of this year. The footage exposes egregious brutality and suffering of animals in this allegedly high welfare facility, described by one highly-respected Israeli veterinarian, Yevgeny Borschevsky, as “the animals’ Treblinka.” Continue reading

Watch This Turkey Rescue; It Could Change Your Life

Just the other day, a young female turkey was found hiding away in the corner of a free range farm shed in Petaluma, California. She managed to evade her captors on the day the transport truck came to haul away the other turkeys to be slaughtered for Thanksgiving. Apparently some worker found her hiding away, felt moved by her valiant effort, and contacted Animal Place, a local sanctuary. This 4-minute video documents her amazing story, her will to live and her rescue. Continue reading

French Foie Gras Investigation: An Haute Cuisine Hell

France is the largest producer and exporter of foie gras. Over 20,000 tons are produced and approximately 700,000 geese and 37 million ducks are slaughtered by the French foie gras industry each year. Over 4,200 tons are consumed in Spain, and 850 tons are produced. Over 1,150,000 ducks are slaughtered by the Spanish foie gras industry each year. In this unflinching look at the Foie Gras industry, Animal Equality documents the shocking reality of life for ducks and geese confined and force-fed for foie gras production in France. Continue reading

The Plastic Cow: a Documentary Short about the Sacred and Not So Sacred Cows of India

The Plastic Cow is a 34-minute documentary that looks at the impact of our almost complete dependence on plastic bags, which we use and discard carelessly every day, often to dispose our garbage and kitchen waste. Not only are these bags a huge environmental threat, they end-up in the stomachs of cows, who, either because they’ve been discarded because they’re not milking at the time or because the dairy owner is unwilling to look after them, have to fend for themselves and forage for food, which, like other scavengers, they find in community garbage dumps. Continue reading

Animal Equality Documents the Brutal Slaughter of Tuna in Italy

Hundreds of bluefin tunas are caught in traps while they migrate to their breeding grounds and are later slaughtered. During a careful and painstaking investigation, Animal Equality recorded and photographed both the natural behavior of tunas underwater, and the plight of the bluefin tunas who are brutally killed every Spring in Italy. Continue reading

Forcibly Removing Newborns from Mother Sows among Atrocities Exposed in Farm Investigation

Just released undercover video footage taken by HSUS at “Wyoming Premium Farms” revealing egregious cruelty and filthy conditions at a Wyoming pig breeding facility owned by a supplier for Tyson Foods. Among the atrocities exposed here, Wayne Pacelle, president and CEO of HSUS, described on a press call how one pig was forced to give birth on a set date. “The worker intended to stick his arm in the animal’s uterus to pull out the piglets, but instead went into her anus and caused the prolapse there. This animal lived another 11 days in this condition,” he said. Continue reading

UK Pig Farm Investigation Exposes Horrific Suffering in High Welfare Facilities

Animal Equality has carried out an undercover investigation into East Anglian Pig Company, which is the third largest pig meat producer of the UK. EAP is a member of Freedom Food and is audited and monitored by Assured Food Standards (AFS). Over 120 hours of footage and recorded conversations, as well as 281 photos, provide a truly shocking insight into the so called high standards of the British pig industry. Continue reading