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ABC News Covers Farm Animal Cruelty Investigations and Proposed Ag Gag Laws

ABC News aired this brief segment the other day which contains short clips of footage from undercover investigations conducted by Mercy for Animals and The Humane Society of the United States. President of HSUS, Wayne Pacelle, is also interviewed briefly and the issue of Ag gag laws is seriously questioned in light of this systemic cruelty in agriculture that often goes unreported. No one defending the Ag Gag laws or even defending farming practices today is interviewed. Continue reading

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Endorses Vegan Diet to Lower Healthcare Costs and Promote Longevity

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is often referred to as America’s Fittest Mayor. In this video segment from local Chicago station WGN News, Emanuel endorses the vegan diet as a way to combat our chronic disease epidemic, promote longevity and reduce our skyrocketing healthcare costs. He appears with Engine 2 Diet founder Rip Esselystyn. This is reportedly part of a larger campaign by the mayor to promote healthy eating in the city of Chicago. Continue reading

Video: German Demonstrators Hold Corpses of Farm Animals

On July 29th, 2012, 40 activists from Animal Equality Germany participated in a demonstration in Regensburg, Germany to shine a light on the casualties of modern animal agriculture. The activists held the bodies of dead animal corpses — piglets, chickens, chicks, fish and other farmed animals — the invisible victims of exploitation who no doubt experienced pain, sorrow and anxiety during their short and miserable lives. They represent the billions who are massacred daily in farms and slaughterhouses all over the world. Continue reading

Dennis Kucinich On Why He’s Vegan

The United States becomes first nation in the world to formally recognize Vegan Earth Day in 2009, and Dennis Kucinich is the spokesperson for the 2012 Vegan Earth Day! In this recorded message, Kucinich describes what personally led him to go vegan and how he is spreading the important message to others. He emphasizes three key reasons for adopting veganism: his health, his concern for animals and for the environment. Continue reading

Jonathan Safran Foer, author of Eating Animals, Now Promotes Happy Chicken Meat

Jonathan Safran Foer, acclaimed author of Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, Everything is Illuminated, and Eating Animals, expresses his support for BuyingPoultry.com, a free, comprehensive resource connecting good farmers with conscientious consumers. And remember, “good” farmers are those that allow chickens to live a few weeks of their life on pasture before brutally slaughtering them by stuffing them down a kill cone, pulling their necks through the other end, slitting their throats and allowing them to wrangle their until they bleed to death — all while fully conscious. And remember, these chickens are in their infancy / adolescence, typically seven weeks old in a lifespan of 10 to 15 years when their lives are drastically cut short and meet this violent end so that these “good” farmers can profit from their suffering and call this “high welfare” animal husbandry. Continue reading

Puppy on a Bun Campaign Sheds Light on Our Cognitive Dissonance between Pets and Food Animals

The animal advocacy group Mercy for Animals has taken their “Why Love One But Eat the Other?” campaign to a new level with a demonstration involving a 10-foot inflatable puppy inside of a giant hotdog bun in Alexandria, Virginia. This video is a local news coverage of the event. Many animals raised for food are still infants when they are killed for food. For example, chickens could be anywhere from four to seven weeks old when they reach “market weight” at which point they are sent immediately to slaughter. Continue reading

Video: Press Conference at Frankfurt Airport on Paul Watson’s Arrest

Captain Paul Watson, known to some as the “eco-hero of the oceans,” is being held in a German prison awaiting the German government’s decision on whether to extradite him to Costa Rica where he is wanted on alleged charges based on accusations from illegal fishing operations there. This video, recorded just the other day at the Frankfurt airport, features a spokesperson from the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and their attorney making the case for why Watson should be set free. The first half is in English and the second half in German. Learn more about this story and what you can do at the Sea Shepherd website. Continue reading

Animal Advocate Leafletting Assaulted by Security Guard

59-year-old Richard Hershey is a former state social worker who now spends his time handing out leaflets about animal cruelty from Vegan Outreach. One September day last year, Hershey explains: “I was doing it on public property, a state university where I had obtained authorization to do exactly what I was doing and in the area I was doing it,” said Hersey. But that same day Sgt. Chris Givens, the security guard on duty, threw Hershey a surprise punch and then twisted and tugged at his leg while he was on the ground, as caught on this video. Continue reading

Videos: Ruby Roth on CNN, Counters Concerns about Her Vegan Children’s Book

“By calling my book controversial we’re actually admitting on a national level that what we do to animals is scary — too scary to even talk about. And that just tells me that people want to remain willfully ignorant and impose that ignorance on their children. And to me that’s unacceptable. And we know what happens in the world, the atrocities throughout history that happens when people become willfully ignorant. “ – Ruby Roth, author of Vegan Is Love. Continue reading

Cow Escapes Slaughterhouse, Swims Across River, Flees Police

A young steer who broke out of a slaughterhouse in northern New Jersey, swam across a river, ran through city streets and was even struck by an animal control pick up truck. Fortunately he is now being taken Wednesday to Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary in New York. Stories like this one prove how deeply these animals’ lives matter to them, just as much as our lives matter to us. Continue reading

50,000 Egg Laying Hens Found Emaciated and Starving on California Farm

The Stansilaus County, Calfiornia Animal Control officer who spoke to FOX News called this the worst animal abuse case she’s ever seen. 50,000 hens found trapped in a huge warehouse with only about 2,000 birds in stable enough condition to be rescued. The other several thousand were too far gone and were “euthanized” in portable gas chambers that were brought in to the site of the farm. Continue reading