ABC News Covers Farm Animal Cruelty Investigations and Proposed Ag Gag Laws

ABC News aired this brief segment the other day which contains short clips of footage from undercover investigations conducted by Mercy for Animals and The Humane Society of the United States. President of HSUS, Wayne Pacelle, is also interviewed briefly and the issue of Ag Gag laws is seriously questioned in light of this systemic cruelty in agriculture that often goes unreported. No one defending the Ag Gag laws or even defending farming practices today is interviewed. I would imagine they refused to be interviewed in the face of such incriminating evidence.

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  1. Only -those who have something to hide would even consider having these hidious cruel laws made legal,shame on them,the govenor MR.Terry Branstad of Iowa and the tratior to animals vetenerian -senator Joe Seng who supported him were the first to apply for these cruel archaic laws to be implemented and in doing so has opened the gates to hell for the animals,all animal organisations should bring a class action against those who have -something to hide,the states and farms where this law has been passed and acted upon should be made -by law to have their products -stamped -“AG-GAG ENFORCED” -and those who don’t -‘NO-TO AG GAG -LAWS’,something like that ,at least we would know from where their products came from and those who- do care can support-the NO-TO AG -GAG LAWS.

  2. As I set here and watch what I can hardly watch, I want to slap Wayne in the face! This man lies as to what he is for. He doesn’t want to stop factory farming, that isn’t what he is all about.

    I personally will never support this organization again. When they had some of these great gatherings they served tortured meat, right from the factory farms that he says he is trying to stop. And what, one of the people that was brought on to work for HSUS, he is a factory farmer!

    People don’t give your support to these people who are nothing but cruel and not telling the truth! No body cares that these innocent creatures are being tortured with some of the most barbaric acts known to man. All I can say, the day is coming, very soon those very people who tortured these inncents will pay!

  3. Does anybody happen to have a link to this on ABC’s website?

    Can you tell me where you heard about this that you mentioned?
    “When they had some of these great gatherings they served tortured meat, right from the factory farms that he says he is trying to stop.”

    Thank you!

  4. I think this was brought to light last year. This man, Joe Maxwell who is working with Wayne is said to treated his creatures with as much disrespect as the factory farms. Now keep in mind Wayne and this man don’t want to stop factory farming they want it to be cleaned up?? Or whatever that means. The article gave very good information about some gatherings where they all gathered and ate tortured meat. I then emailed those guys and they did say yes this happened. Not only did HSUS attend this, but Farm Sanctuary was supposed to be there, and I think at the last minute they pulled out.

    Wayne wants you to think he is against factory farming but he is not! I will never give to this organization again. I will look around and see if I can find the article since there were several of them on the web. But I won’t hold my breath since I am sure there are those who don’t want this out.

    Here is one link:

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