Video: A Rabbi Demonstrates Kosher Slaughter and Legitimizes Violence Based on Necessity

In this video a rabbi explains to his rabbinical students how, according to kosher law, killing an animal for food is morally defensible because it is necessary. In this sense, Jewish law is no different than any other religious or secular tradition that justifies animal use and killing for reasons of necessity. The problem with this argument is that today we are faced with an overwhelming body of evidence to the contrary, indicating that consuming animal products is NOT at all necessary for our health or survival (with quite a bit more research claiming it is actually detrimental).

Add to this the fact that there are 7 million vegans and growing in this country alone leading pretty decent lives, living proof that eating animal products is unnecessary. So far the few studies we have comparing overall health in vegans as compared to those on other diets show vegans living freer of chronic disease and in some cases living slightly longer on average.

Note that early on in this video, the two students driving in the car on their way to learn about kosher slaughter are chuckling about how one really likes lamb. Palate pleasure is not necessity. The two should not be confused.

Share this video with those who believe that Kosher is somehow more humane that other forms of slaughter. Let them judge for themselves. And leave your comments on the YouTube page.

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  1. wow I guess this man doesn’t believe what God has said…thy shall not kill??? To many people even these people read what is written and decide what they think it means, when God’s words are very easy to understand!

  2. This video is a testament to how people just do not change with the times and evolve. It is similar to the Muslim religion who take every word literally from the Koran.

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